These Endodontic Myths Are False!

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A LOT OF WHAT people think they know about root canals are actually myths! Sometimes those myths prevent them from getting very important tooth-saving procedures. We’re here to cut through the misinformation today by debunking three of the biggest endodontic myths out there.

Myth 1: I should just have my tooth pulled instead of getting a root canal.

Some teeth cannot be saved by root canal therapy, but if root canal therapy is possible, it is the best option for that tooth. Prosthodontic options like dental implants might be much better than they used to be decades ago, but nothing beats a natural tooth. Extraction should be treated as a last resort, not an easier option than root canal therapy.

Myth 2: If I get root canal therapy, I’ll get some kind of illness from it.

There is zero scientific evidence to support a connection between root canal therapy and illnesses, but that myth probably comes from false claims made in the early 1900s. As a result of those claims, countless teeth that could have been saved were pulled — and plenty of perfectly healthy teeth were pulled too!

Myth 3: A root canal will hurt!

Root canals have never been more comfortable! Patients suffering severe tooth pain due to an infection will find relief from a root canal procedure. Root canals don’t cause pain, they end it!

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